16 and pregnant


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Sep 2, 2005
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Hi, Im 16 (17 in november) and I am 24 weeks pregnant. My expected due date is december 18th so my own little xmas present :) Just wondered if any girls out there around my age would like to chat? any replies would be appreciated. love Amy x
Hi and congrastualtions :)

I'm 19 and nearly 20 weeks pregnant. Will be 20 January 5th. Baby due 25th January - so not long after!

How have you found it so far? xx
Im very nervous but at the same time soo excited to meet my littleun. im going in alone so not really too sure what to expect. How have you found it? Any problems so far? so far ive been happy and healthy(touch wood) i hope to stay that way!

thanks for replying
Sorry to hear you on your own. I've had a few things (bleeding, pelvic softening) but baby is fine and healthy.

Do you know if your having a boy or a girl?
I dont know what im having, wanted a suprise, although im itching to find out now!!!im convinced im having a boy for some reason. Do you know? or will you be finding out? i'm glad everything is fine now
Hi, I am sadly no where near your age (27) but I just wanted to say congratulations. My due date is 14th Dec so we are due around about the same time, and this is my first. Hope you are feeling well, and take care of yourself xx
hiya im 16 n i av a 1 yr old son..just had a misscariage wiv ma 2nd baby :( still hear 2 talk 2 u if u wnt any1 2 tlk 2 xxxx
mum16 -- I'm so sorry 2 hear that! I had a miscarriage with my 1st pregnancy but we're trying again. We know that we're young & everything but we know what we're in for & we know it's gonna be tough but we'll get through it :). Just don't give up!!!

mum16 thats alful news im so sorry for you and your family. it would be great to talk to you thanks. How do you find it with your son, i dont really know what to expect. Amy
it was abit diffucult at first copeing with my son n trying to go to school aswel bt it got easyier...my mom changed her work hours so she could look afta him whilst i was at school den i had my son 4 the rest of the day...plus i had my bf there 2 help aswel but now im single again....its been hard sonce the misscariage i just dont no what 2 do reali bt iv had to get on with life reali just 4 the sake of my son xxxxx
aww mum16 im so sorry to hear that :(
im 15 and nearly 36wks pregnant with my little girl Angelica Jane. i just wanted to say if any of you need a chat i will be here xxx

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