13mth old always hungry

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    Hi guys, our lil miss has always been a good eater, enjoying at least 3 meals a day and at least two snacks per day but the last couple of days she has wanted a snack every hour after a meal until the next meal. I know she has eaten enough at her meals but still she keeps asking.

    NOw with the asking, she has learned baby sign language and has been able to ask for milk/food since 5mths old but recently has been doing this a lot more, now obviously I dont do it every time she does the sign and generally wait til its accompanied by a whimper but think as she knows she can ask, she is asking more often. I vary the snack foods so it isnt a case of she is asking for nice things only, she gets a mix of fruit, cheese, biscuits and oat bars.

    On a physical side she has just learned to walk independently as well as pull to stand from the floor so realise she is burning a lot more calories and she tells me when she is full at mealtimes so its not that. Also her bedtime vbottle has gone from 1 9oz bottle to two bottles totalling anything from 12-14oz! I figure shes going through a growth spurt combined with her physical development but its been a few days now and just want to make sure im not just feeding her due to a phase n shes eating too much....

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