12 week scan tomorrow - scared


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Apr 24, 2005
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I had a scan at 6 weeks which showed a healthy embryo. I've got my 12 week scan tomorrow and I am petrified that they are going to tell me there is something wrong with the baby, or that even worse, it has died. Can't shake off the feeling and feeling really emotional (blubbing at the moment!). :(
Rosie i'm sure everything will be fine - just think how happy you will be tomorrow when your past the 12 weeks and you can hear a little beating heart...!

Good luck - not that you will need it, now sit back and relax (while you still can!)
Hi! My first scan is in Tuesday and I have all the same fear, what if something is wrong! What if I've done something? But only afew days to go and I'm sure everything is alright, just stay calm, Why wouldn't we have perfect babies? People I know who are pregnant/been pregnant and go out drinking & Smoking and eating rubbish and they are ok and they have perfect babies! (Ok some are abit dumb but that is from the fathers side I think)

Stay calm! and wait for that heart beat and first sight, it will all be happyness and joy then! Promise!XXXX
Thanks ladies :)

Guess all this worrying is preparation for a lifetime of it!
Hi Rosie roo!

You have ur scan tommorro that is so great!
I had a scan yesterday because I had bleeding and I was petrified that they were going to tell mt that my baby was dead! But hen when they tured the screen I was so happy to see a little human figure on the screen! I could see the heart (pounding away), stomach, spine, little legs were crossed and as the nurse was trying to measure baby would not keep still, was moving all over! It was so emotional, I was expecting the worst and came out with the best feeling ever....
Good Luck for you scan I hope all will be ok... I also think that it's only natural to worry about the 1st scan (it's a mothers instinct ) lol....

Love Danielle and Bubble xx
Well my scan is at 2.20pm, just managed to eat something been feeling really sick (more than normal!). Waiting until 1pm til I drink the fluid as I need to pee all the time anyway, I blimmin hope they aren't running late! :shock:

I will let you all know how I get on tonight, if it all goes well we are off to tell the rest of the family this afternoon (well some of them).
Wow- good luck! How fun to be telling people afterwards- I've really loved telling people- I would tell a complete stranger now if I was standing at a bus stop with them!

I've got my first scan in four weeks time so I know what you mean about being worried and excited too. I only heard the heartbeat this week and it was really emotional for me because I realised that there actually is a baby in there and I wasn't just imagining it!!

Tell us how it goes later :)

p.s. I still feel sick now if I'm stressed- the only time I actually threw up with morning sickness was when I had an argument with my husband- I think maybe it tenses your tummy or something so it might be worry that's making you feel sick. Can you watch something funny on TV or something to unwind you a bit before you go?

Well you well all right and it all went ok. Did have a bit of a cry when I saw bub, looked right at us and was waving their arms and legs about. Got a pic, though not too clear at the time she took it they moved their arms and legs real close to each other so looks a bit strange :lol: Can't post it until Monday as that is when DH is going to scan it in at work.

But was truly amazing seeing this tiny little human being moving about!

Here is my bub. In the end I got a better pic from taking a photo of my scan than from scanning it in :)
ahh cute I had my first scan yesterday and was surprise how much I could see, it was just all perfect (11wk 5 days 1st scan) It gave me a few big kicks (Didn't feel them) then moved its hand to rub its eyes (HOW CUTE) then just laid there, didn't get to hear the heart beat, but the lady said it was all ok and dated it at 12 wks 5 days but my due date will not change as I know when my cycle was, just prob my body doing a good job as my hubby said! both cried abit as we were soo happy, feel alot better now could see the little stubs that will be fingers and its foot when it kicked it was really amazing!

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