11DPO - LOADS of EWCM?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by Piglet's Mama, May 20, 2016.

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    Hi ladies,

    I've been taking a break from TTC/the forum etc after a few tough months with no such luck conceiving.

    This is the first month we've started trying again, but it's all been quite relaxed - I didn't even test for OV. I'm fairly regularly though and ovulate pretty consistently on CD18, and this was the same with EWCM and OV cramps this cycle.

    I'm 11DPO (I think) and for the last 2 days I've felt very damp. I've been to the loo a couple of times thinking I was leaking or had come on early, but I'm just having loads of creamy/egg-whitey CM. I also feel really heavy and crampy... I don't know what this is. I even tested for OV yesterday to see if I was OVing late but both tests were negative.

    This is also my first cycle TTC where I wasn't breastfeeding (long story short - breastfeeding was giving me a short luteal phase, hence not conceiving as far as I can work out) so it could just be hormones or increasing estrogen in my first cycle without nursing.

    Has anyone had any similar experience of this and it's led to a BFP?
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    These were my exact symptoms before I got my BFP! :)

    I usually got quite strong menstrual cramps and sore boobs & nipples when I was 'due on' however back in Feb I was around 5/6 days late when I got my BFP, and prior to this I had very heavy white discharge (which I still get now unfortunately & I'm 19 weeks pregnant!) and I had the same pre-menstrual symptoms! Boobs, heavy crampy feeling etc! So it genuinely felt like I was going to come on any day, so it was quite a shock to see that I was pregnant!

    I'd definitely say you've got a great chance if you're anything like me, I often find when you stop tracking and get on with things rather than focussing on TTC'ing your body will naturally relax and nature will take it's course :)

    Good luck & keep updating! Will be great for you to get your BFP!! xx

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