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Jul 2, 2005
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hey Kay im feeling exactly the same, the last few weeks and days are going very slowly, just want labour to be over and done with and hold my baby boy at long last! even though we still not decided 100% on his name!!!

been having a few aches and pains the past couple of days, mainly period type cramps and back ache, so im hoping i wont have to wait too long now!! i really dont like the idea of having to be induced!

like you ive tryed lots of things to try and hurry on the labour but it just seems that he will come out when he is good and ready!!!

it wont be long now Kay, weve waited 39 weeks so 1 more wont hurt!! LOL very frustrating thou coz its dragging like mad!!!!!!!
OMG!!! OUCH!!!!! That really does make your eyes water!!!!!!!!
Aww i know how you both feel!! and i have longer left yet.. buts its agonising just waiting around all the time. I hope you both get it done really soon :)
Wowsers Kay that woman who had an 11lber on just gas and air must be feeling that now lol

good luck everyone... not long left for any of us now... i'm startin to get really excited :) think the excitement might bring it on?!?! lol
Appartently Kay you have to do it for hours!!!!!! LOL oh well summit to do while your watching the telly i spose!!!! ha!
my mate got her other half to drive her fast over speed bumps

worked for her, she had him that night! lol
hey ladies........ oh im getting excited now........... keep thinking about risking castor oil lol keep me updated... sorry ive not been on msn..helping supervise OH with building his office.

if either of you do go into labour.. come straight online and leave a post lol

take care
LOL elaine, yea will do!! havent seen you on msn for a while so thought you might be having your buba!!!

im feeling like crap today!! kept waking up in the night feeling sick then this morning had a few cramps and thought that this might be it...... but no!!!!!!!!! im still here, bump and all!!!!

Oh well hopefully not long now!!!

Hope the office is coming along nicely elaine!!

Take care x x
LOL awwww bless how embarrasing for you!! imagine if your waters broke in there!!!! lol i was shopping yesterday and there was such a long que i felt like pretending i was going into labour just to que jump to the front!!!! worth a try i guess!!!!! ha!
a lady i used to work with said her daughters waters broke in marks and spencer!!! so apparently they gave her a massive hamper!!!!! so might just camp out in there for the next 4 days!!!! lol or just take a bottle of water, squirt it on the floor and stand over it saying your waters have broke!!!!! ha ha ha ha!!!!
im getting fraustrated all my pains seem to have stopped and baby seems to be getting active again this is hopeles i dont think it wants to come out at all!! ive tried everything and its not working
dont try castor oil it can make the baby do a bowel movement, my auntie and my mum both tried this and both of there expiriences are awful... my auntie was unluck her labour was long and her baby girl pooped insid her it caused major problems and threatend both hers and the babys life! my mum only had a half an hour abour with my brother and on his way out he pooped if she had a longer labour it would have been done inside her. im staying clear of that xx

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